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Retrofit to Save Up To 80% On Your Lighting Energy Costs
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We Are Solving The Dangers Of Mercury
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EnviroLight provides innovative solutions and unique guarantees to the lighting retrofit business. Guarantee 1: Provide a reliable LED product for 24/7 applications that will provide constant colour and intensity for a minimum of 3 years. Guarantee 2: Finance the project within the utility bill at no extra cost to the client Guarantee 3: Properly recycle the spent fluorescent light bulbs with zero pollution to the air, water and soil for the benefit of the next generation

Reducing Your Building’s Energy Consumption & Carbon Footprint

EnviroLight offers a unique solution for parkades, warehouses, auto dealership and commercial buildings of all types. We provide customized lighting retrofit, logistics and recycling solutions to help keep harmful toxic materials, such as mercury, out of landfills, and saving you money at the same time. Our simple 4-step process: 1. We assess your lighting needs as we finance your entire retrofit project. (That’s right! We pay for you to upgrade your lights… just ask us how.) 2. We remove your old bulbs and recycle them in our bulb recycling facility. Our facility results in zero pollution to the air, water and soil. 3. We provide you with a certificate of material recovery and your positive environmental contribution. 4. We install new energy efficient lightbulbs, reducing your energy consumption, electricity bill, and carbon footprint.

How We Are Solving The Dangers Of Mercury

EnviroLight Retrofit & Recycling was originally started because we identified a problem: the mercury in old lightbulbs is toxic and poisonous. Many building operators did not know how to dispose of their old lights, so they would end up in a big pile outside the building, leaking mercury into the ground. There needed to be a way to remove the old lights and recycle them in the most safe and efficient way possible. The dangers of Mercury: o Accumulation in brain causes neurological disorders o Inhibits animal reproduction which effects the entire food chain and environment o Direct correlation to miscarriage and stillbirth Only 3 grams of mercury would contaminate Lake Louise. Our Lake Louise Recycle Log: To date we have recycled: 233 grams of mercury. You could say we’ve saved the equivalent of: 77 Lakes The Size Of Lake Louise!

Save Up To 80% On Your Lighting Energy Costs

Upgrading your parkade and building lights will reduce your energy consumption anywhere between 50-80%, and reduces your overhead costs.

We Finance Your Lighting Retrofit Project

EnviroLight will pay for your new light bulbs – just ask us how.

Stay In Compliance With Hazardous Waste Laws

Discarding fluorescents in your dumpster is hazardous, to you, your family, and the environment! Recycling is the solution.

Decrease Landfill Waste

We ensure 99.9% of picked-up light bulbs be recycled. This includes mercury, phosphorus, glass and metal.

An Invitation From EnviroLight Founder Kae Shummoogum

Join Me On A Trip To Mars In My Tesla! As the founder of EnviroLight, I am passionate about helping your buildings be more sustainable, and your people be safe and healthy. As an engineer, I enjoy finding connections between technology and people. And I love using analogies and symbolism to demonstrate the impact my clients are having on the environment, hence my “Trip To Mars” challenge. I want to invite you to help us reach our goal of driving to Mars in a Tesla Model S with the electricity saved from our projects. So far, we’ve calculated that our clients’ combined energy savings, if fed through an electric car it would power a Tesla S vehicle on the way to Mars! Currently, our clients’ retrofit projects have powered a total distance of 7.7 million KM, on a 54 million KM journey. Mars, here we come! Do you want to join me on a virtual trip to Mars in my Tesla? Click HERE to learn how! To your health & wellness,


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